Electric Motor Mechanic

Job Purpose:
Serves customers by installing, repairing and servicing various electro-mechanical equipment in a shop and/or field environment.

* Test electro-mechanical equipment to troubleshoot known or suspected problems using various methods (AC or DC).
* Disassemble electro-mechanical equipment noting parts identification, configuration and condition.
* Clean electro-mechanical equipment assemblies as needed using various methods and steps, including but not limited to: parts washers/steamers, caustic tanks, glass beaders, etc.
* Measure for or note proper replacement parts. Correctly requisition needed items from storekeeper, as approved by supervisor.
* Replace or repair worn or defective mechanical or electro-mechanical assemblies, including but not limited to: bearings, brushes, brush holders, motor leads, gears, seals, impellors, mechanical switches, brakes, clutches, clutch rotors, tachometers, fans, and shields, etc.
* Retest reassembled electro-mechanical equipment for proper output and operation.
* Complete required paperwork for each job accurately and on a timely basis.
* Operate specialized repair and testing equipment and other equipment as needed.
* Lift, tighten, adjust and/or secure heavy objects in order to perform work duties.
* Observe all safety procedures and use proper protective gear (especially eye and ear protection).
* Complete required paperwork for each job accurately and on a timely basis.
* Keep area neat and clean as directed by supervisor.
* Assist other mechanics or other shop personnel in skilled or non-skilled duties as directed by supervisor or shop foreman.
* Occasional overtime is expected. We try to limit it as much as possible. Overtime is paid time-and-a-half for 3:30 pm to 12:00 am and double-time from 12:00am to 7:00am. Holidays are triple-time.

Preferred minimum level of education: High School Diploma.
Good mechanical aptitude.

Electric Motor Troubleshooting, Mechanical Troubleshooting, Analyzing Information , Judgment, Client Relationships, Equipment Maintenance, Reporting Skills, Confidentiality, Quality Focus, Results Driven, Supply Management, Informing Others.